Preserved Light Blue Moss

Preserved moss created to decorate rooms in a naturalistic style, does not need constant care. This is a plant that will delight you every day with a rich hue, a flowering, fresh look, appearing on the wall in the form of a panel or an unusual picture. At the same time, your side does not require any serious

High Quality Moss
Our preserved moss is very soft and fluffy so it will use less to make moss wall when compare to other moss. The preserved moss can remain color for 3-5 years.They are widely for air purification, noise absorption multi-functional indoor environmental protection products.

Applying the preserved moss in the home decoration .
Our preserved moss is the best choice for those people who want lots of green space but do not have time watering them.

The beauty of using preserved moss is that it requires no maintenance, but still adds a purple accent and element of freshness to your space.

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